About Us

About Our Company

Throughout the many years we have been in business, we have endeavored to give our customers the highest quality car body repair service available in order to earn their complete happiness. And they have demonstrated their appreciation by regularly returning to us.

We aspire to be the facility of choice for all of your auto body repair needs.

Our collision repair shop is one of the best in the Detroit metropolitan area! Multiple auto manufacturers have certified us, so you can be confident that we know how to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition! Our highly qualified and experienced personnel takes delight in every detail of every repair, from Porsches to pickup trucks!

We have approximately 40,000 square feet of repair facilities, including four uni-body frame realignment systems, three state-of-the-art downdraft spray booths, and a computerized paint mixing system for the most accurate color match! Utilizing several online damage estimation tools facilitates straightforward communication with your insurance provider regarding damage assessment.

In addition to having Factory-certified experts do the repairs, one of our highly-trained service advisers will provide you with updates throughout the duration of the service. Simply choose whether you want a phone call, text message, or email, and you will receive frequent updates on the condition of your car! Performance has achieved the pleasure of being Factory Certified by serving tens of thousands of clients sent to us annually by several dealerships in the Detroit region. Customers from all across Detroit will have their dents, dings, and scratches repaired, all the way down to the mangled body caused by severe crashes. With our team, no project is insurmountable. We work on vehicles of all makes and models, but we specialize in Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Infiniti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, and many, many others.

Our Michigan collision repair shop is fully stocked with all the tools and materials necessary to conduct any sort of accident repair. Technicians at The Collision Repair Shop undergo extensive training so that they are knowledgeable about the newest models of automobiles that are released daily.

Why Choose Us?

  • Your vehicle is likely to be the second greatest investment you make. Maintain its worth and safety by having collision damage properly repaired. 
  • Never drive a car that might be risky due of auto accident damage. 
  • Before having your car fixed, certain insurance providers may require that you visit their drive-in claims facility. You may also leave your vehicle at our Ferndale location and request that the insurance company check it there. 
  • You are not obligated by law to receive more than one estimate or evaluation for your collision shop. 
  • You may visit any collision repair business of your choosing. Your insurance company cannot mandate you to visit a specific auto body shop. 
  • It is usual for accident repair quotes to vary. A reduced quote from a collision repair business may not cover all essential services. If you are uncertain as to why estimates from different collision repair shops vary, please ask us
  • Choose a collision repair facility with unibody repair equipment and qualified (I-CAR or ASE) specialists, such as our Ferndale location. 
  • Inquire if the auto body business will use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement components. 
  • Our Ferndale auto body shop gives a lifetime warranty on all repairs for as long as you own the car. 
  • Let our collision repair shop in Michigan assist you in negotiating with your insurance carrier.

The Collision Repair Shop Collision & Auto Body Service Michigan

Automobile collisions may be incredibly frustrating. No one ever gets up and says, "Today, I'm going to make my life a bit difficult by allowing someone to smash into me." Accidents certainly occur, and they do so daily. Whether the error is yours or someone else's. We are here to significantly improve the situation. At The Collision Repair Shop, you can depend on receiving high-quality repair and exceptional service. We regularly inform our clients onthe status of their car repairs. You may be confident that your vehicle is in excellent hands. After utilizing our services once, you will never look elsewhere.


What To Do In A Accident

When involved in a vehicle accident, you should ALWAYS perform the following:

– Ensure no one is injured, and if someone is, contact 911 immediately.

– Obtain information from all concerned parties. License, Registration, And Insurance Documentation (Make Sure Its Not Expired)

– Always dial 911 and file a police complaint (Police Reports Protect You From High Insurance Rates)

– If you are involved in a small automobile accident and the other driver offers to pay for the damages out of pocket, you should still contact 911. If they intend to change their minds, their insurance company will be liable. The party at fault need not be concerned about your bringing a claim (since it would be in the report that they are paying out of pocket.) Inform the authorities that they will be paying out of pocket. They will document the incident in the police report. If they do not pay out of pocket, their insurance company will repay you for the damages listed on the police report if they fail to do so. If you do not file a police report and accept their word that they would pay for the damages, but they later decide not to, you will be responsible for the costs. Afterwards, police will be unable to assist.

– If they lack health insurance, dial 911.

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